Consensus & Practice Policy Guidelines

October 2015 - Volume 31

Sensory Pain Fiber Electrodiagnostic (EDX) Medicine Guidelines


The Affordable Care Act placed importance on objective evidence based medicine. The pain fiber nerve conduction study (pf-NCS) is the only electrodiagnostic examination (EDX) that objectively detects pain generating neurological pathology. An AASEM sponsored study has shown that referred pain causes over 50% of patients to incorrectly localize the source of nerve pain, therefore, the pf-NCS takes the guesswork out of the clinical evaluation of pain, while adding the ability to objectively follow the disease process and its response to treatment.

In order to improve quality of patient care, encourage appropriate utilization, and aid third-party payers, these guidelines serve as a reliable resource and consensus of providers certified in pf-NCS EDX to clarify the neurophysiology, nomenclature, test algorithms and protocols. Additionally, the guidelines furnish authoritative information on coding, reporting, legal decisions and research.


Sensory Pain Fiber Electrodiagnostic (EDX) Medicine Guidelines