How to Change Pain Management Doctors


Whether you’re looking to move your pain management practice or want to change doctors, there are several essential things to consider before moving. This article will cover some of the critical issues you should consider and the steps you should take to ensure your new doctor’s office is an ideal fit for your needs.

Transferring medical records

Changing your pain management doctor can be stressful. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to ease the process.

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Your new doctor should be able to provide you with copies of your medical records. You can either bring your previous physician’s records to your first appointment or request a copy. Having your records will help your new doctor to formulate a treatment plan for you. It also minimizes the risk of repeat lab tests.

You can also ask for your doctor’s records to be sent through the mail. It may take a while to get your records, however. If you have to request multiple forms, receiving them may take more than one week.

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You can also request electronic copies on a USB flash drive. Some providers will charge you for this, though. The cost will depend on the provider, the state, and the type of record you need. The price will vary, so you should contact the provider to get an estimate.

Before you start the transfer process, you must decide if you want to change your pain management doctor. You can find out if the new doctor is board certified and accepts your health insurance. You can also check their website and patient reviews. You should also ensure that your chronic pain management regimen is not interrupted.

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The originating medical records office can also explain your options. If you transfer your medical records to a new provider, you must sign paperwork and pay a transfer fee.

In some states, medical records sharing fees are capped. In other states, they are allowed to be shared for free. It’s essential to know the limits of the costs so you can avoid unnecessary expenses.

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Using an app for your iPhone or Android can make the process easier. It can also give you a breakdown of the costs of your move. If you are switching to a new pain management doctor, you should find out if they will accept your health insurance.

In addition, you can request your medical records online or via a patient portal. You should call the doctor’s office if you cannot use a patient portal. You can also get help from a nurse advocate.

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