How Old is Hurts? Unveiling the Age of the Electrifying Music Duo

How Old is Hurts? Unveiling the Age of the Electrifying Music Duo

What is how old is hurts?

How old is Hurts is a commonly asked question among fans of the British music duo. The answer to this question is:

  • Hurts was formed in 2009, making the band over a decade old.
  • Members Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson were both born in 1986, putting them at around 35 years old.

In summary, Hurts is an established music duo that has been around for over a decade. Both members are in their mid-30s, born in 1986.

What is the age of Hurts?

Hurts is a British synth-pop duo consisting of Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson. They have been making music together since 2009, releasing several albums and singles that showcase their eclectic mix of electronic dance beats with catchy melodies.

Here are some quick facts about Hurts’ age:

1. The duo formed in Manchester, England when they were both in their mid-twenties.
2. As of 2021, Theo Hutchcraft was born on August 30th,1986 (35 years old) while his partner Adan Anderson’s date of birth has not been revealed publicly yet
3.Their debut album “Happiness” came out in September 2010 when they were both around the age of twenty-five.

Despite being active for over a decade now as musicians but haven’t disclosed too much personal information to fans regarding ages so its hard to say exactly how old each member is without further research into biographical content or interviews where this topic may come up naturally.

Since forming more than ten years ago,Hurts continues to be celebrated globally thanks largely due accolades from NME Awards for ‘Best Video’(Wonderful Life), MTV Europe Music Award’s nodustto two separate categories plus high profile collaborations like working closely alongside Kylie Minogue co-writing several tracks on her twelfth studio release,” DISCO”.

In conclusion,the exact age(s)of members comprising ‘Hurts’remains somewhat shrouded mystery however followers continue appreciating each new project released by these talented musical innovators keenly looking forward always anticipated next chapter!

When was Hurts formed and how old are its members?

Hurts is an English synth-pop duo that has been captivating listeners with their music since 2009. The group consists of singer Theo Hutchcraft and synthesist Adam Anderson, who both come from the Manchester area in England.

Here are three key facts about Hurts:

1. Formed in 2009: Hurts was officially formed when friends Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson decided to collaborate musically after performing together for a few years.
2. Ages vary between members: As of 2021, lead vocalist Theo Hutchcraft is 35 years old while synth player Adam Anderson is 36 years old.
3. Known for crafting emotional ballads: Since their debut album “Happiness” released back in August of ’10 made waves due to anthems like “Better Than Love”, which features belting choruses—giving them immense recognition as songwriters because it came right out at you—often describing love’s positive side-effects such as euphoria instead negativity associated with heartbreak & longing.

Theo takes on singing duties whilst his partner handles synths flourishes across various swathes within each performance – groovy chimes (as heard recently) through one moment or glassier tones creating staccato trickles next—to form what many deem some pretty slick electropop tunes!

In summary, Hurts first got started lyrically experimenting around late-’00s though ultimately were born into existence mid-’09 Then became quickly known alongside releases larger UK groups also premiering during this time period – they still foster currently-evolving presence ✌️😁

Table with useful data:

Year Age
2009 unknown
2010 unknown
2011 unknown
2012 unknown
2013 unknown
2014 unknown
2015 unknown
2016 unknown
2017 unknown
2018 unknown
2019 unknown
2020 unknown
2021 unknown

Note: The age of the music group “Hurts” is currently unknown since their founding year is also unknown.

Information from an Expert:

As an expert, I can confidently say that the musical duo known as Hurts has been active in the music industry for more than a decade. The band was formed in 2009 and released their debut album “Happiness” in 2010. Since then, they have continued to produce and release music, with their most recent album “Faith” dropping in 2020. Therefore, it is safe to say that Hurts is around 12 years old as a musical project and continues to gain popularity among fans worldwide.

Historical fact:

Hurts, the English synth-pop duo, was formed in 2009 by singer Theo Hutchcraft and musician Adam Anderson.

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