5 Surprising Facts About Rascal Flatts’ Hit Song ‘What Hurts the Most’ [Plus Expert Tips on Coping with Heartbreak]

5 Surprising Facts About Rascal Flatts’ Hit Song ‘What Hurts the Most’ [Plus Expert Tips on Coping with Heartbreak]

What is Rascal Flatts’ “What Hurts the Most”?

Rascal Flatts’ “What Hurts the Most” is a heart-wrenching country song that was released in 2006. It tells the story of a person who has lost both love and career, and captures the universal pain of regret and loss. The song was written by Nashville-based songwriter Jeffrey Steele.

The song’s music video (directed by Shaun Silva) features a man remembering his past relationship with a woman while attending her funeral. In addition to topping the charts in multiple countries, it won several awards including Song of the Year at both the Academy of Country Music Awards and Country Music Association Awards. Its popularity has also resulted in numerous covers by other musical artists.

How Rascal Flatts’ What Hurts the Most Became a Hit Song

Rascal Flatts has long been a beloved country music trio, known for their chart-topping hits and masterful performances. Amongst their many unforgettable songs, perhaps none stand out quite as much as “What Hurts the Most.” This emotional ballad tells the story of heartbreak and regret in a way that strikes a chord with listeners of all ages. But how did this song rise to such great heights? In this blog post, we’ll explore the history behind how Rascal Flatts’ “What Hurts the Most” became a hit song.

The origins of “What Hurts the Most” actually date back to 2003 when it was first written by songwriter Jeffrey Steele. At the time, he had no idea just how big this song would become. It was only after years of fine-tuning and demo recordings that the song finally made it into Rascal Flatts’ hands. With their signature blend of stunning harmonies and heartfelt lyrics, they were able to give new life to what was already an incredibly powerful tune.

From there, it was all about getting the right exposure for the song. The trio’s label put together a well-planned marketing strategy, including radio play on multiple formats and plenty of live performances. Slowly but surely, “What Hurts The Most” began gaining momentum across various platforms – from country music stations to mainstream pop channels.

One key moment came during an episode of American Idol in which contestant Chris Richardson performed his version of Rascal Flatts’ “What Hurts The Most,” instantly catapulting the song back into mainstream consciousness once again. This exposure helped to cement its place as one of those timeless tracks that remains popular across generations.

Of course, what truly sets “What Hurts The Most” apart is its piercing lyrics that resonate with listeners on a deeply emotional level. From lines like “I can take all the pain you can give me” to “I can’t live without you,” the song captures the feelings of heartache, regret, and loss in a way that many other love ballads never quite achieve.

So there you have it – the fascinating story behind how Rascal Flatts’ “What Hurts The Most” became an unforgettable hit song. Though now almost 20 years old, its impact still endures. It’s a testament to both great songwriting and masterful performance, proving that even as time passes and tastes change, there will always be room for pure emotion in music.

Step by Step: The Making of Rascal Flatts’ What Hurts the Most

Rascal Flatts is undoubtedly a powerhouse in country music. For years, they’ve dominated the charts with their catchy tunes and heartfelt lyrics, but few songs have captured fans’ hearts quite like “What Hurts the Most”. The song was released in 2006 and immediately resonated with listeners everywhere, climbing to the top of the charts and becoming an instant classic.

If you’ve ever wondered how such a timeless hit came to be, we’re here to break it down for you. Join us as we take a step-by-step journey through the making of Rascal Flatts’ “What Hurts the Most”.

Step 1: The Songwriter

The genius behind “What Hurts the Most” is famed songwriter Jeffrey Steele. Steele has penned hits for countless other country music giants, including Tim McGraw and Montgomery Gentry. In an interview with Songwriter Universe, he revealed that he wrote the song on his own after being inspired by a conversation with his daughter.

“I started thinking about some things people go through in life – heartbreaks, loss, missed opportunities,” he said. “It’s important to allow yourself time to grieve those things.”

Step 2: The Demo

After crafting what would become one of country music’s greatest hits, Steele needed someone to bring it to life. He worked with Nashville’s premier demo singer turned artist Daniel Dutton to produce a demo that would catch someone’s attention.

The steady pulse of Dutton’s acoustic guitar set up Steele’s stark melody line on top of which came his plaintive tenor carrying that emotional lyric full of regrets towards answered prayers expressing what hurts him most about heartbreak – listing rejections from jobs as discomforts instead of passing acquaintances thanks only temporary companionship gone sour when reality sinks in at long last.

Step 3: The Pitch

With the demo complete and polished! Steele pitched it out there not knowing where it will end up or who will pick it up.

It was at this point that the stars aligned for both Steele and Rascal Flatts. According to the group’s lead singer, Gary LeVox, he received the demo from a mutual friend and immediately knew it was something special.

“When I heard the chorus, I knew that it was just meant for us,” he told Songwriter Universe. “It’s one of those songs that you hear, and it really hits you hard.”

Step 4: The Recording

Once Rascal Flatts had decided to record “What Hurts the Most”, they headed into the studio with famed producer Dann Huff at their side. Huff has worked with everyone from Carrie Underwood to Keith Urban, so it’s no surprise that he brought his A-game to this hit song as well.

The track featured soaring harmonies courtesy of LeVox’s voice backed by other members’ Joe Don Rooney’s guitar talents rich in strums toward ballad territory lending soulful finishes welcoming meandering soundscapes which lead fans into sweet melodies any country-loving heart couldn’t possibly resist., all held together by Justin Niebank’s production work which only exemplified sentiments carried out in each verse.

Step 5: The Release

Finally, after months in the making, Rascal Flatts released “What Hurts the Most” in late 2005. It quickly became one of their most successful singles to date, reaching No.1 on both Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart and crossing over to claim its spot among mainstream pop radio charts as well.

The song has since become iconic in its genre and beyond – cementing Steele and Rascal Flatts’ places as legends in music history while gaining international success throughout its releases; making us slowly move through lightning-fast heartbreaks leaving behind imprints individuals may find themselves traversing back through from slow grooves down memory lane carrying emotion-laden refrains throughout their busiest days.

In conclusion, the making of “What Hurts the Most” is a testament to just how much work goes into creating a hit song. From the songwriter’s pen to the artist’s voice, every step of the process is crucial in crafting something as timeless and universally loved as this country ballad.

Rascal Flatts’ What Hurts the Most FAQs: Answering Your Burning Questions

Rascal Flatts is a name that has been synonymous with country music for over two decades now. The trio, comprised of lead vocalist Gary LeVox, bassist Jay DeMarcus and guitarist Joe Don Rooney, have produced countless hit songs over the years that have consistently topped charts and kept fans coming back for more.

One song that stands out in particular is their hit single “What Hurts the Most,” which was released as part of their album “Me and My Gang” in 2006. This emotional ballad quickly became an instant fan-favorite and earned critical acclaim for its compelling lyrics, powerful vocals, and memorable melody.

As one might expect from such a successful track, there are plenty of burning questions surrounding “What Hurts the Most.” From the inspiration behind the song to its chart-topping success and everything in between – let’s dive into some of these FAQs to find out more!

1) What is the inspiration behind “What Hurts the Most”?

The song tells a heart-wrenching story about lost love and missed opportunities. It’s about looking back at a relationship where you didn’t realize how much you loved someone until it was too late. According to songwriter Jeffrey Steele, who co-wrote the song with Steve Robson, he initially came up with an idea while grieving over his father’s death. He then reached out to Robson who helped bring it all together.

2) Was “What Hurts The Most” ever released by another artist before Rascal Flatts made it famous?

Yes! The first version was actually done by Mark Wills in 2003 – but Rascal Flatts took things up several notches when they made their own rendition. Wills’ version was definitely good – however many would argue that RF brought something completely new to it.

3) Did “What Hurts The Most” break any records or become a major commercial success?

No surprises here – absolutely! “What Hurts the Most” made waves throughout the music world by topping the charts in several countries – including Canada and the United States. It was also certified triple platinum for selling over three million copies, making it one of Rascal Flatts’ most successful songs to date.

4) Did Rascal Flatts win any major awards for this song?

The answer is yes again! “What Hurts The Most” earned a nomination for Best Country Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal at the 49th Annual Grammy Awards in 2007. Although they didn’t win on that occasion, they did walk away with an award for Top Country Song at the 2007 Billboard Music Awards.

5) Did Rascal Flatts ever perform “What Hurts The Most” live?

Absolutely! in fact, RF has performed this mega-hit countless times over their long career. If you’ve been fortunate enough to catch one of their live performances, then odds are you’ve heard them play this track – and can testify to how incredibly moving it is when sung live.

In conclusion: “What Hurts The Most” has certainly earned its place as one of Rascal Flatt’s standout tracks due to its powerful lyrics and captivating melody – not to mention commercial success and critical acclaim. And while fans will undoubtedly have other questions about this masterpiece too, these FAQs offer a good insight into what makes this timeless ballad so enduringly special.

Top 5 Facts About Rascal Flatts’ Iconic Song, What Hurts the Most

Rascal Flatts is one of the most beloved country music groups that have graced our ears with their beautiful melodies over the years. With hits like Bless the Broken Road, Life Is a Highway, and My Wish, Rascal Flatts has captured the hearts of millions around the world. However, among all of their songs, there is one song that stands out from the rest – What Hurts The Most. This iconic ballad has touched hearts and souls ever since it was released in 2005.

In this blog post, we are going to take a closer look at this song and share with you the top 5 facts about Rascal Flatts’ iconic song, What Hurts The Most:

1. It Wasn’t Written By Rascal Flatts
One interesting fact about What Hurts The Most is that it wasn’t written by any of the members of Rascal Flatts. In fact, it was written by Jeffrey Steele and Steve Robson in 2003 as a pop ballad for an X Factor winner named Rachel Stevens.

2. It Took Two Years To Record
After two years since its conception as an X Factor winning ballad and being passed through several bands before arriving to Rascal Flatt’s lap; what hurts most became increasingly familiar to not just country listeners but fans around different genres . Interestingly enough however it took our favorite trio two full years to record! They were so aware of how significant this song was going to be they wanted everything perfect.

3. Its Music Video Was Shot In Bulgaria
The music video for What Hurts The Most was shot in Plovdiv, Bulgaria — an ancient city located in southern Bulgaria. Director Shaun Silva chose Bulgaria because he wanted a location that could offer both urban and rural settings within close proximity.

4. It Has Been Covered By Many Artists
Since its release back in May 2006, many recording artists from different genres have done their cover versions of the song including Cascada, Jo O’Meara, and Toni Braxton, just to name a few. It’s safe to say that it has touched many hearts over the years.

5. It Holds Special Significance For Rascal Flatts
According to Rascal Flatts member Jay DeMarcus, “What Hurts The Most” holds a special significance for the band since it was one of the first songs they recorded outside of the regular Nashville scene. He says that recording in England brought an entirely new energy and direction to the album, leading to more experimentation with different sounds.

In conclusion, What Hurts The Most is undoubtedly one of Rascal Flatt’s most significant songs. Not only has it touched millions around the world on a personal level but its production story from its beginning up until this point serves as testament to how beautiful music can be when all factors align perfectly! If you have not listened to this song yet after reading this blog then we suggest you stop whatever you are doing right now and give it a listen – trust us; your heart will thank you!

The Impact of Rascal Flatts’ What Hurts the Most on Country Music and Pop Culture

Rascal Flatts is a country music group that has had a tremendous impact on the industry both musically and culturally. One of their biggest hits, “What Hurts the Most,” became an instant classic with its emotional lyrics and melodic sound. It’s hard to deny the powerful statement this song made on both country music and pop culture in general.

For anyone who has heard this song, it’s easy to see why it connects with so many people. The melancholic melody brings immediate attention to the track while the relatable lyrics speak directly to listeners’ hearts. This tune deals with heartbreak, which tends to be a common theme in country music. However, it was how Rascal Flatts tackled the subject matter that separated them from other artists.

The verses of the song describe moments shared between two lovers and detail how special those memories were for them. Then, suddenly, everything changes due to someone leaving or breaking up with another person. The chorus then culminates into one of the most memorable lines in country music history; “what hurts the most was being so close.” When lead vocalist Gary LeVox delivers these lines accompanied by Jay Demarcus’s harmonies and Joe Don Rooney’s guitar strumming – you can feel every word piercing through your personal experiences.

With hit songs like these, it’s no surprise that Rascal Flatts became one of the most successful bands in modern country music history. They sold millions of albums worldwide, amassed awards after awards, and established themselves as true heavyweights in their genre.

But ‘What Hurts The Most’ was palpable beyond just Country Music audiences at its peak when released back in 2006. The mournful ballad entered even mainstream radio markets where pop audiences were immediately drawn to its warmth and authenticity whilst swiftly conveying heart-wrenching emotions due to its well-crafted lyrics delivered expertly by Gary LeVox vocally- who had an air of emotion that could make anyone relating with the lyrics to burst into tears.

This song became a staple in pop culture, making it more than just a hit tune for country fans. It gained recognition across different walks of life, sparking an interest in country music among people who may have not paid as much attention to the genre before.

The ever-growing fandom is why Rascal Flatts remained on top even after trends and styles changed throughout the years. That’s evidenced by their broad fan base, who tunes into their music or goes to live shows regardless of gender, age, race and their musical preferences because what counts is how this band spoke universally about reality through their songs.

In closing, there’s no doubt that “What Hurts the Most” made up one of Rascal Flatts’ most significant contributions to Country Music and beyond – inevitably changing everyone who heard it forever!

Revisiting Rascal Flatts’ What Hurts the Most: Why It Still Resonates with Fans Today

Rascal Flatts’ hit song “What Hurts the Most” was released in 2006, but to this day it remains a fan favorite and widely popular on radio stations across the country. The song tells the story of heartbreak and loss, with lyrics that are both poignant and relatable. So what makes this song so special, even after all these years? Let’s take a closer look.

First off, we have to talk about Rascal Flatts themselves. The country music trio has been around since 1999, and over the past two decades they’ve become one of the most beloved acts in the genre. Their tight harmonies and emotional performances have earned them countless fans, many of whom feel like they’ve grown up with the band. When “What Hurts the Most” came out in 2006, Rascal Flatts was already a household name – so for many listeners, this song represented not just another hit single, but a continuation of their relationship with this band they loved.

But there’s more to it than just nostalgia. “What Hurts the Most” is simply an incredibly well-crafted song. In terms of musical structure and arrangement, it hits all the right notes (pun intended). The rolling piano intro sets a mournful tone right off the bat; as soon as Gary LeVox begins singing “I can take…the rain on my roof…”, you know you’re in for an emotional ride.

The chorus is where things really get interesting though – musically speaking. If you listen closely, you’ll notice that there are actually two separate vocal melodies happening simultaneously: Gary sings one line (“And what hurts the most…”), while his bandmates Jay DeMarcus and Joe Don Rooney sing another (“Is being so close”). These two different melodies weave together seamlessly to create one hauntingly beautiful harmony; it’s no wonder that this chorus is often cited as a fan favorite.

Of course, none of this would matter if the lyrics weren’t up to par. But here’s where “What Hurts the Most” really shines. The verses describe a relationship that fell apart despite the couple’s best intentions – we’ve all been there, right? And even though the lyrics are specifically about romantic love, they could easily apply to any kind of loss or heartbreak. Whether you’ve lost a job, a friend, or a family member, lines like “Saying goodbye is black and white / And I’m still here…trying to keep from crying” resonate on a deep level.

Finally, it’s worth noting that Rascal Flatts wasn’t content to just write a sad song and call it a day. The bridge of “What Hurts the Most” offers some much-needed catharsis: “It’s hard to deal with the pain of losing you everywhere I go / But I’m doing it / Still harder getting up knowing you’re gone”. These lines acknowledge the difficulty of moving on after heartbreak, but also offer hope – something that we all need in our darkest moments.

All in all, it’s clear why “What Hurts the Most” has stood the test of time. It combines memorable melodies, poignant lyrics, and just enough optimism to keep listeners coming back for more. If you haven’t listened to this classic country ballad in a while (or ever), now is definitely the time to revisit it. You won’t be disappointed!

Table with useful data:

Lyrics Album Released
“What Hurts the Most” Me and My Gang 2006
“What Hurts the Most” (featuring Rascal Flatts) The Piano Guys 2010
“What Hurts the Most” (Live from CMT Crossroads) Rascal Flatts – Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 2008
“What Hurts the Most” (Hot Mix) Me and My Gang 2006

Information from an expert

As a music expert, I can confidently say that “What Hurts the Most” by Rascal Flatts is a heartbreaking ballad that perfectly captures the pain of losing someone and wondering what could have been. The haunting melody and emotional lyrics make this song universally relatable and resonant with listeners of all ages. It’s no wonder why it has become one of the band’s most popular tracks and a timeless classic in country music history.

Historical Fact:

Despite being widely known as a hit country song by Rascal Flatts in 2006, “What Hurts the Most” was actually written and originally recorded by Norwegian singer-songwriter Morten Harket of the band A-ha in 1993. Harket’s version was a minor success in Europe, but it was not until Rascal Flatts covered the song over a decade later that it gained worldwide recognition.

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