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Mission Statement:

AASEM is dedicated to improving patient care in the area of sensory related disorders by acting as a forum where physicians, scientists, and researchers can share information concerning diagnostic and treatment resources in the field of sensory medicine, including pain management, neurology, orthopedics, internal medicine and allied fields.



Sensory symptoms are the major compelling factor motivating patients to seek medical consultation. National Institutes of Health data shows 40% of all patients are in pain. The majority of these cases are neck and back pain. With 43% of pain patients becoming chronic and 50 to 80% of spine surgeries failing to provide long-term pain relief. In fact, NBC News recently reported: "Pain is now America's leading public health problem." The economic burden placed on our society is staggering.

The AASEM is dedicated to speeding progress in diagnosing and treating pain more effectively. Medical innovations take far too long to bring to the suffering public, especially in today's consensus driven third party payment system. The AASEM champions promising technology by encouraging research, giving members a forum where they can share experience, establish guidelines and provide certification for emerging technologies. Members are encouraged to attend our conferences, read and contribute to the online newsletter, and communicate through the AASEM blog.

We are especially excited about pain diagnosis. The AASEM, our diagnostic division, has taken on the responsibility of certifying physicians in the new branch of electrodiagnostic medicine. At each of the AASEM Annual Conferences, certification workshops are held. Pain fiber nerve conduction studies are sure to reduce chronicity and prevent many failed back cases. Besides allowing diagnosis in the earliest stage of pathology, this technology has shown promise of shedding light on other areas. For example, in the few years it has been available discoveries have been made that show a link between pelvic pain and inflammatory disease with L5-S1 lesions.

Physicians are encouraged to join the AASEM. Be part of an association that looks to a brighter future for the patient and the physician.


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Member Benefits:

• Access to the AASEM online Internet Sensory Medicine Newsletter
• Reduced registration fees at all meetings
• Opportunities to become AASEM certified in many technologies
• Availability to submit original studies to the AASEM Board to be Peer-Reviewed
• Internet Journal of Sensory Medicine.